Thursday, August 22, 2013

Subway Series

Two more images from the Subway Series of on location drawings. I keep going to David Apatoff's blog, Illustration Art. It has really gotten me back into drawing. I especially like his analysis of great Illustrators in the context of established "fine" art. I have always admired the great illustrators and seeing their work in comics and other periodicals is what got me into art in the first place. So when I need a little inspiration I go to that blog. These drawings were done after I had viewed a post about Robert Fawcett on the Illustration Art blog and I wanted to do some sketching.  It's great when people are sleeping but you can't guarantee that. People move, so you have to be quick and then try to remember what it was you were focusing on in the first place. I think these came out OK.

More Images

Again, I'm posting an image of an inlet Merrick Bay in Freeport, NY at Cow Meadow Park. Late Winter/early Spring is my preferred time to paint there. One, there are significantly less bird watchers and/or visitors, and two, the temperature is considerably more comfortable, especially since it does not bring about mosquitoes. This is an acrylic painting layered in washes like watercolor, and I tried to puncuate the shaded foreground with a spot of blue on the right hand side. The wind was picking up so the cloud cover on the marsh was changing constantly.

Merrick Bay, 2012 (acrylic on paper)