Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Keep Painting

While I don't really like to post private information, I wanted to post this image, which unfrortunately requires information. My father had just passed away two days before I went out and painted this watercolor, and I was at that sort of  going-through-the-motions phase where arrangements were being made and condolences were coming in (my father was a very well respected man). When all things were done I took a cue from him, as he never stopped working, and went out to paint. Knowing the situation makes the image seem a little mournful, and I often feel that way about the autumn landscape, but as an image I think it came out OK, and since I did it so soon after my father's passing, I felt it as an honor to him, since he was without a doubt the most inspirational person in my life, and always supported my artistic pursuits.  

Friday, October 11, 2013

More Subway Series

These are a group of drawings that represent my continuing life study classes, free of charge, done on the Long Island Rail Road. I would certainly recommend any artist who wants to sketch from life to do this. You can observe not only anatomy but also fabrics and clothing on people.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Paintings

More paintings, most of which were done on site. The first was done mostly on location, on Long Island of course, but I worked on the clouds in my studio to attempt to add a little activity to the sky.

Bay Inlet, Oceanside-oil on canvas (22"x28")

 Another image from the same area but done in watercolor. I find watercolor to be the most difficult medium for me to get the results I want. Despite the immediacy of the application and the potential for expressive results through impulsive marks, I find that the "accidental" effect that I admire in some of the great watercolors of John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer could only have come about from a very strong foundation and simultaneous level of understanding those artists had of their subject and medium. The appreciation I have for both Sargent and Homer deepens every time I paint in watercolor. I need to paint every day!!

Marsh Runoff-Watercolor on paper (20"x24")

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Subway Series

Two more images from the Subway Series of on location drawings. I keep going to David Apatoff's blog, Illustration Art. It has really gotten me back into drawing. I especially like his analysis of great Illustrators in the context of established "fine" art. I have always admired the great illustrators and seeing their work in comics and other periodicals is what got me into art in the first place. So when I need a little inspiration I go to that blog. These drawings were done after I had viewed a post about Robert Fawcett on the Illustration Art blog and I wanted to do some sketching.  It's great when people are sleeping but you can't guarantee that. People move, so you have to be quick and then try to remember what it was you were focusing on in the first place. I think these came out OK.

More Images

Again, I'm posting an image of an inlet Merrick Bay in Freeport, NY at Cow Meadow Park. Late Winter/early Spring is my preferred time to paint there. One, there are significantly less bird watchers and/or visitors, and two, the temperature is considerably more comfortable, especially since it does not bring about mosquitoes. This is an acrylic painting layered in washes like watercolor, and I tried to puncuate the shaded foreground with a spot of blue on the right hand side. The wind was picking up so the cloud cover on the marsh was changing constantly.

Merrick Bay, 2012 (acrylic on paper)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

South Shore Long Island

This is an acrylic painting done on site down by Jones Beach. There is a stretch of narrow beach west of Field 10 that is not populated at all during the week. The wind was a problem, of course, but I was glad I kept it together for a painting of this size (24"x36"), which is a little larger than I usually do on site. I find a tremendous amount of satisfaction being able to go out and find a seculded spot to paint that is usually densely populated. It also makes me feel a sense of accomplishment to finish a painting on-site in the morning hours and still make it home in time to go to work.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Long Island Landscapes

These are a couple of landscapes done on site at a few places on Long Island. The first one is an oil painting done at Sunken Meadow Park in Kings Park. This spot is behind the beach and boardwalk area and is a beautiful site that many artists frequent. The second was done at Cow Meadow Park in Freeport. There is a bird watcher's elevated platform there that looks over Merrick Bay. Most of the time I go there during the colder months so as not to interfere with the bird watchers. There is quite a bit of garbage near the trail that leads to the platform. This increased after Hurrricane Sandy. I try to look past it but will probably go there with a few bags and try to clean it up. I don't know why no one else has! Despite that it is a spot tailor-made for artists. This painting was done with acrylic used in a watercolor-like manner.

"Sunken Meadow" 2012-oil on canvas

"Merrick Bay" 2013-acrylic on paper

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New/Old Work

The following images represent some older works as well as newer pieces. The abstract piece, "Discarded Forms" is a work which, although it doesn't exist anymore, I was very happy with when it was completed during my graduate study at Ohio University School of Art. My girlfriend at the time, who later became my wife, was living in Florida at the time, and during one of my visits I picked up the dried palm tree shells that are seen in the piece. She was undergoing treatment for endometriosis as well so I guess subconciously the many factors of a long distance relationship and the other issues appeared in the painting. It was also created using many found objects, or "discarded forms". I felt very happy with the visual result and marked the first time I incorporated photo paper in my work. The "flame" areas are black emulsion photo paper manipulated with bleach. It makes for a very stron "fire" effect that I really liked. I really miss the days when I would make art out of anything that I found interesting!
"Discarded Forms"-1995 oil on wood with found objects.

Here is some newer work. A lot less experimental but just as enjoyable to create.

"Center Hill, Weld, Maine"-acrylic on paper

"Zachs Bay (Wantagh, NY)"-oil on canvas