Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Art in Tribute

Art can express feelings and emotions in ways that words never can. Recently, my brother passed away. It was a devastating loss to everyone in my family, and I tried hard to write something to honor him. I have done this in the past and it had came easily. This time, it was very difficult. For some reason I had a hard time writing something about him, despite being filled with strong feelings about his life and the times we spent together. Fortunately, another one of my brothers wrote a fitting eulogy to him, and his daughter compiled a moving tribute that touched on all aspects of his personality. As a result, all I could do was something visual in memory of my dear brother. In keeping with his nature, I recycled a painting that I had and offered it to the hospice facility where he passed away. They were very pleased with my donation, and I was glad to do something in my brother's honor that, with any luck, will give some calm to anyone passing through the facility, since all who do definitely need it. In looking at the picture, I was curious as to why I modified the painting the way I did. Initially, I felt it a little impersonal to simply give a painting that had no real connection to him, so I repainted some areas during a late night painting session to maybe give it some of what I was feeling. I think gave the picture a little more punch, possibly out of sadness and frustration. Who knows? But I think the revised picture is a little better since the water seems to be pushing into land a little more aggressively. Maybe that's symbolic. In the end, I hope he can appreciate the gesture.

Marsh (revised)

Marsh (original)