Monday, June 8, 2015

Painting Therapy

One thing I've noticed as I get older is the profound impact on my life making art has been. While I continue to struggle to have my work known, as many artist do, I cannot help but value how making art has kept me from sinking into the deep well of woe that other parts of my life would otherwise push me into. As the problems in my life and family grow and I find myself on the brink of despair, I thank God that I am able to create art. This keeps me grounded. Not quite focused, but determined to never give up. I have often thought this was a form of escapism, and it very well may be, but it is an escapism that results in creativity. For example, the following pieces have been created during the times when, in order of appearance, (a) my domestic life was in a shambles, (b) my financial status in jeopardy, and (c) my family members suffering from illness and depression. What does all this mean? It means that I still have those problems!!!! Actually, It really means that anyone who is going through hard times should pick up a brush, pencil, pen, or musical instrument before they pick up anything else. Maybe someone will happen onto this blog and do just that!

(a) sunset on Webb Lake (done after a prolonged period of domestic disputes)

(b) Caumsett (going through money troubles and inability to manage finances)

(c) Cross (my family members suffering from illness and depression)

So much for not wanting to post personal information! 

However, I feel it is important to show that certain obstacles can be channeled into creativity. Making art is a fantastic remedy. Right up there with laughter!