Monday, November 24, 2014

Gardiners County Park

Here is a painting done at Gardiners County Park in Bay Shore, Long Island. This was done a little while back, the beginning of winter. The spot I painted was bitterly cold, and I remember that even though I had gloves on, I had to keep taking a break and either blow on my hands or put them in my pockets to warm them up. Not only that, but since I was on the coast of Great South Bay, the wind was very strong and kept blowing my easel over. It was almost like the scene in "Lust for Life" where Van Gogh (Kirk Douglas) is struggling with a large canvas. I can't tell if my picture conveys the brutal cold and my "battle" with the elements, but I think it came out ok even if it doesn't give the whole story.

Gardiners County Park, Winter  (oil on canvas)