Friday, July 11, 2014

Space is Everything

 The following are some images which probably illustrate my contradictory nature. The first two are images I did during my graduate study at Ohio University in the early 90's. My instructors were mostly representational landscape painters whose work I admired, despite the difference in my own work. I was determined to establish a bold presence with my work, and as a result one of the choices I made was to work on large format pieces. Not only did they stand out when exhibited but demanded commitment on me to create them. They were like environments that I surrounded me as I created them, and they required a physical involvement from me which was frustrating, yet cathartic. I also created these images in a studio not much larger than a standard bathroom, and often it was a struggle to get them out the door after I made them. The second two images were done in the last few years. I live in New York, where I could explore a rich diversity of abstract and cutting edge art. I also converted my garage at home to a studio that was spacious enough for some large work. Of course, with all of these resources at my disposal, what do I do but begin painting relatively small representational landscapes. My love for creating art has not wavered, and I feel strongly about all the work I do. However, I recognize that I never seem to see what would be obvious to others and as a result may not seem to be "at home" wherever I am. Maybe that's the constant search.

“Pursuit”(acrylic on paper 82” x 48"”)

“Moonlight Walk”(mixed media on wood 51” x 72"”)

“West End”(acrylic on paper 16” x 20"”)

“Moonlight Walk”(mixed media on wood 17” x 13.5"”)