Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New/Old Work

The following images represent some older works as well as newer pieces. The abstract piece, "Discarded Forms" is a work which, although it doesn't exist anymore, I was very happy with when it was completed during my graduate study at Ohio University School of Art. My girlfriend at the time, who later became my wife, was living in Florida at the time, and during one of my visits I picked up the dried palm tree shells that are seen in the piece. She was undergoing treatment for endometriosis as well so I guess subconciously the many factors of a long distance relationship and the other issues appeared in the painting. It was also created using many found objects, or "discarded forms". I felt very happy with the visual result and marked the first time I incorporated photo paper in my work. The "flame" areas are black emulsion photo paper manipulated with bleach. It makes for a very stron "fire" effect that I really liked. I really miss the days when I would make art out of anything that I found interesting!
"Discarded Forms"-1995 oil on wood with found objects.

Here is some newer work. A lot less experimental but just as enjoyable to create.

"Center Hill, Weld, Maine"-acrylic on paper

"Zachs Bay (Wantagh, NY)"-oil on canvas

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