Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Finally Finished

This is an image I started in August of 2014, and finally finished it a week ago. Of course, I still would like to revise it but my youngest son thought it was good so I took that as a sign not to. One of us is right. I have it for sale on Zatista so only time will tell. That is, based on the belief that a sale equals a picture of quality. This is an ongoing debate. At any rate, for me I am pleased with the composition so I hope that comes across. The painting is of Lake Webb in Maine and there was a storm brewing right around sunset. Since everything was moving rapidly, there were hundreds of possible composition choices that could have been made. This is the frustrating yet exciting thing about on site painting. There is nothing like it.


"Storm over Lake Webb" (oil on canvas)

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  1. Jonathan, I really like your work. I have a painting in my home signed by Gene Van Brunt. Are you possibly related to the artist. It is believed to have been painted by a relative of my late Mother-in-law. I'm tracing family ancestry of late. If you will please contact my at froggie1958@gmail.com I will share more info and possible family connections. I would love to know if our painting was indeed painted by family and where they might fit in my husband's ancestry. Most of his relatives are in the NY and NJ areas. Kim