Wednesday, October 9, 2013

More Paintings

More paintings, most of which were done on site. The first was done mostly on location, on Long Island of course, but I worked on the clouds in my studio to attempt to add a little activity to the sky.

Bay Inlet, Oceanside-oil on canvas (22"x28")

 Another image from the same area but done in watercolor. I find watercolor to be the most difficult medium for me to get the results I want. Despite the immediacy of the application and the potential for expressive results through impulsive marks, I find that the "accidental" effect that I admire in some of the great watercolors of John Singer Sargent and Winslow Homer could only have come about from a very strong foundation and simultaneous level of understanding those artists had of their subject and medium. The appreciation I have for both Sargent and Homer deepens every time I paint in watercolor. I need to paint every day!!

Marsh Runoff-Watercolor on paper (20"x24")

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